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Planning for Retirement

How We Work

Our approach to financial matters takes every single part of your life into considering from a financial standpoint. In preparing you for retirement, no matter your stage in life, we must ensure that we have covered all the bases and set you up for retirement. Here are the aspects we work on with you.

Retirement Readiness Planning

Retirement Readiness Planning

We help you determine if your current actions will allow you to retire when you want, with the lifestyle you desire. In other words, are your retirement goals realistic? We help you to formalize your retirement plan, optimize your retirement savings, provide a roadmap to serve as a guidepost going forward to improve your chances for financial independence.

Debt Management

We assist our clients in managing existing debt to prepare for retirement by lowering their liabilities while still working. Entering retirement debt free increases the amount of money you can put to work for you when you stop working.

Investment Planning and Management

We analyze your investment portfolio to determine if it is properly structured to support your most important goals. We help you to see the big picture, to understand your asset allocation, and to evaluate investment risk. We will Identify opportunities to reduce investment expenses and to lower taxes. Your portfolio is monitored on an ongoing basis and evaluated in terms of its success in pursuing your financial goals.

IRA Planning

IRA Planning

Optimizing the use of IRA’s’ is an important part of financial planning. We take advantage of opportunities for tax-deferred growth in traditional IRA’s and tax-free growth in Roth IRA’s. We advise on Roth IRA conversions, deductibility of contributions, and penalties for early withdrawals. We calculate required minimum distributions and ensure that IRS requirements are met on a timely basis. Beneficiary designations are reviewed to ensure accuracy, up-to-date contact information, and conformity with current wishes.

401(k), 403(b) Employer Plans

For many people, their employer-sponsored plan is their largest investment asset. We review employer matching features and the palette of investment choices to make sure you are taking advantage of available opportunities and coordinating with your overall plan. When you separate from service or retire, we will help you to evaluate your rollover options and help you decide which actions will work best for you.

Estate Preservation and Generational Legacy Planning

We will ascertain that your estate plan not only provides for distribution to the ones you love but also protects your children’s and grandchildren’s legacy from divorce, death, and litigation. To the extent possible, we will reduce federal and state estate taxes and minimize estate settlement costs. We will also review beneficiary designations to determine that there are no inconsistencies. We coordinate with your attorney and CPA as necessary.

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