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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning

A major concern for retirees is how to generate an income once they no longer have a paycheck. We develop a plan to provide for an inflation-adjusted cash flow designed to maintain your lifestyle throughout your retirement years and, at the same time, preserve your nest egg, for you and for the benefit of your beneficiaries. We determine the optimal strategy for when and how much to withdraw and where to withdraw from

Social Security Analysis

We review your options in terms of your own retirement benefit, spousal benefit, and survivor benefit if available. When to claim your benefits and how to synergize with your spouse are critical. We will coordinate your Social Security benefit with other retirement resources, assess your cash flow requirements – now and in the future, reduce or eliminate taxes on your benefits and make sure that you make educated and well-informed choices.

Annuity Review

We do a comprehensive review of existing annuities. We evaluate the registration in terms of ownership, annuitant, and beneficiaries. We uncover internal expenses – something most annuity owners are not aware of. We evaluate living benefit features – which is also something that most annuity owners do not fully understand. We determine if existing annuities are still meeting your financial objectives and if better alternatives are available.

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